The Asterite's Cave is a level in Ecco: The Tides of Time. The level is divided in two halfs.

First Half: The Good Future

The first half of the level takes place in Trellia's future. Ecco has to make his way to the Asterite's cave and speak with it. After speaking with the Asterite, Ecco has to swim down between the spiral of globes to reach a bubble that allows him to time travel back to the present.

Second Half: The Present

Ecco arrives back in the present and speaks with an orca that has lost all its young. The orca tells Ecco that its pod was attacked by the Vortex and that it has lost all its young. Ecco has to find all the lost orcas scattered across the level and bring them back to the mother orca. Only two orcas can accompany Ecco at a time. Once all the orcas are saved, the mother tells Ecco that he can rely on help from other orcas in the future. At this point one orca will swim off. If Ecco follows it, evevntually it will remove the rocks blocking the path to the level's exit. The debug menu refers to this half of the level as "The Lost Orcas".

Game Advice

Password: WTZBARXA (hard mode). There is only one password, it takes you to the first half of the level only.


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