Bay of Medusa
Medusa Bay (1)
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Objectives Find the exit, hear the Orca's advice.
Level # 2
Previous Level Home Bay
Next Level The Undercaves
Typical Creatures Common Jellyfish, Bottlenose Dolphin, Orca

Bay of Medusa is the second level of Ecco the Dolphin, though it is not labelled in most games and remains unnamed. Large swarms of jellyfish can be found here, something that the area is named after. An Orca waits in the lower passages, and it tells of Big Blue, a great Whale who may know of the fate of Home Bay.

Area Information

Bay of Medusa is a short level with lots of jellyfish. The underground passage entrance can be found at the left side of the seabed which eventually leads to a Key Glyph and the Orca.

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