Leopard Shark
LEOPARD shark ecco
Echolocation Sprite 'Echolocation shark
Type Shark
Life 3
Attacks Charge
Weakness Charge, empowered Sonar
Locations Atlantis
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin
Leopard Shark
Leopard shark
Reaction None
Type Shark
Locations The Lagoon of Stonefish
Appearances Ecco Junior

The Leopard Shark is a Shark found in the The Lagoon of Stonefish in Ecco Junior and the Atlantis levels in Ecco the Dolphin. In Ecco Junior only one is known to exist, nearby the Juvenile Dunkleosteus in the bottom right of the level.

It is similar to but brighter than the Arctic Shark of Ecco the Dolphin.

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