Belemnite 1
Echolocation Sprite 'Echolocation misc
Type Cephalopod
Life 1
Attacks None
Weakness Charge, empowered Sonar
Locations Trilobite Circle
Appearances Ecco the Dolphin
Orthocone junior
Reaction None
Type Cephalopod
Locations Seal Rocks
Appearances Ecco Junior

Orthocones are an ancient cephalopod that resembles a squid within a cone-shaped shell. They only appeared in prehistoric levels of Ecco the Dolphin. They also appeared in some levels of Ecco Junior. The Slender Orthocone often appears with it.

Small Orthocones appeared in Ecco Junior, and are a younger version of Orthocones.


Orthocones swim diagonally in a jellyfish like fashion, with short bursts of speed and pausing.

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