Sharks are a common enemy in Ecco. A variety of sharks will appear throughout the series in a variety of colors and species. Aggressive tendencies vary among the sharks, which the green sharks in Open Ocean more likely to attack than the Arctic Sharks in the arctic levels.

Sharks have a limited range of vision and are weak to attacks from above, below and behind. They attack with their jaws if Ecco is within sight. Charging or powerful sonars will disable them. In Ecco: Defender of the Future the Song of Shark will daze them.

In the Ecco The Dolphin 2 Ecco can transform into a shark for a period of time to bypass large schools of them and avoid physical harm.

In Ecco: Defender of the Future sharks sometimes attack in coordinated groups, making them a dangerous foe in this game.

General Sharks

Typical sharks are found in many Ecco games. In Ecco: Defender of the Future they take 3 hits to kill, and 1 hit with the Power of Vigour.


A freshwater shark in Ecco the Dolphin.

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Sharks occur in the Isle of Tranquility levels in Ecco: Defender of the Future and are more durable than Grey Sharks.

Tiger Shark

A highly aggressive shark in Ecco: Defender of the Future. It takes 3 hits to kill or 2 hits with the Power of Vigour.

Great White Shark

A great white shark appears in Ecco: Defender of the Future during the Perils of the Coral Reef. It can be defeated using the Power of Vigour and charging it 5 times. It is a dangerous foe capable of instantly killing Ecco.

Arctic Shark

A cold-water shark found in ice levels in Ecco the Dolphin.

Open Ocean Shark

An aggressive shark found in the Open Ocean of Ecco the Dolphin.

Ecco Junior Sharks

Many sharks appear in Ecco Junior. Grey Sharks, Reef Sharks, Green Sharks and Leopard Sharks all can be found in this game, though all are harmless.

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