The Sea of Music
Sea of music and spined stingray kitnee
Game Ecco Junior
Objectives Activate the songs of the sea by collecting the Music Rings.
Level # 6
Previous Level Treasure Caves
Next Level Ocean Tag
Typical Creatures Grey Shark, Barrier Snail, Lobster, Red Lobster, Large Lobster, Anemone, Spined Stingray, Brown Stingray, Seahorse, Seal

The Sea of Music is the sixth level in Ecco Junior. In this level 5 Music Rings are scattered throughout the level and each must be swam through and guided to a specific location in the middle of the level. When each empty ring has been filled with a golden ring a Dolphin must swim through all the rings fast enough to activate the songs of the sea.

One of the golden rings is found in Seal Rocks and must be reached by leaping over the Seal in the left side of the level, swimming down, and retrieving it. Only one music ring can be guided at once.

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